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Information for all buyers looking to purchase MP3 digital albums..

All MP3 albums , Digital Maxi singles and singles are in MP3 320 KBS audio format. In order to purchase and download any album or single, please look for the buy links under each album's artwork on the bottom right. All purchases take Paypal and credit cards and downloads are instant. Courtesy of Bandcamp.

The Sadist - MP3 320 KBS

 The new album from The J.Hexx Project! Crafted with horror based inspired east coast styled hip hop beats, The Sadist is pure horrorcore at it's bloody best. Featuring hard east coast styled hip hop tracks, laced with murderous rhymes and dark themes right out of a old slasher film! Produced by The J.Hexx Project and mastered at Sage Audio by Steve Corrao.

  1. Shock Trophies
  2. Death
  3. Spit On Your Grave
  4. Human Confetti
  5. No Make Up- feat. Big Rela
  6. Bust In Your Door
  7. You're Already Dead- feat. Majin and Grimm Gutter
  8. Mutilator
  9. Fear (Cd Bonus Track)
  10. Hood Rats- feat. Grewsum and Gloom Rap
  11. The Sadist
  12. Burial Ground

The J.Hexx Project- The Devilman Lp - 320 KBS MP3

The new album from The J.Hexx Project, produced, mixed and mastered by J.Hexx, this album will shock and deprave you! Hardcore rhymes over east coast styled beats, murderously making your head bob! Get your copy today!


Heaven- Last Step EP - MP3 320 KBS

The new EP from Heaven is finally here! Six new songs with production by JNyce of Psych Ward, mixed by Nafantemar and The J.Hexx Project, with many guest features that is sure to send a chill up your spine! A must have soon to be collector's classic, get your copy today and support Russian Horrorcore!


Music To Die For: Vol 2 is the second instrumental album from The J.Hexx Project, which takes you through the mind of a hip hop maniac! From urban beats to horror styled tracks, Music To Die For: Vol 2 has got tracks like how J.Hexx loves his gore, by the buckets!

  1. Smash Em'
  2. New Shit
  3. Tomie's Hell
  4. Scorned Love
  5. Forgive My Sins
  6. The Last Rite
  7. Light Of Magatama
  8. Violent Jack
  9. Spasmo Beat
  10. Tara's Sonata
  11. Chill In The Wind
  12. Emotional Heartstrings
  13. Black Flame pt.2
  14. Hip Hop Hexx'd
  15. Bangaio Banger
  16. The Devil Times Three
  17. Sadness
  18. Voices Of Sorrow



The album Devilz Love from Russian Horrorcore artist Heaven takes the story based approach, and delivers an aural and imaginative album full of horror, intrigue, with beautiful music scored and produced by Desecrated of Desecrated Productions, and stands to be one of the latest albums that continues the Sev'rd Nervez Music tradition of pushing the boundaries of what true horrorcore music should be!

  1. The Beginning
  2. My Story
  3. All I'll Ever Be (Featuring Basick)
  4. Another Life (Featuring McNastee aka Gabriele Darque and Drastik)
  5. Another Life pt 2 (Featuring Jason Porter)
  6. Lilith (Featuring MC Val)
  7. Prose (Interlude)
  8. Lie To Me (Featuring Komatose and Playboy The Beast)
  9. Devilz Love (Featuring Intrinzik, Insane Poetry and Scum)
  10. Eat My Heart
  11. Breath Of Evil (Featuring Sodoma Gomora)
  12. Touch Of Death
  13. Final (Outro)

Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds - MP3 320 KBS

The schizo is back for his third album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds! All the tracks are produced and mixed by J.Hexx himself, this new album goes back to the style of music first heard on the original The Seven Doorz to Death , this new album delves deeper into dark forms of Hip Hop and Horror combined into one murderous sounding masterpiece of death and gore!

Pathogen-featuring Big Rela and Squire Zama
25 To Life
Opera of Fear
Viking Funeral
Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds
Death Trance
Human Jigsaw Puzzle
Crazed Maniacs-featuring Kannibalistik and Crossworm
Nightmares-featuring Razakel and Sicktanick
Better Days 

Mountain of the Cannibal God - MP3 320 KBS

Mountain of the Cannibal God is the tale of Jake Alvarado- a man with a broken past, who is confronted by cannibals led by a skull mask wearing preist, chase Jake from out of his dreams into his real life! When they abuduct his lover Linda, Jake decides to save Linda from the cannibals, knowing he may suffer a fate that is worse than death itself. A Original horror story concept album, styled much like a italian giallo film in audio form! Mountain of the Cannibal God will satisy horror film lovers and hip hop horror concept album lovers alike! Features the beautiful artwork of Pez of Cicada!

The Venom Addiction
A Mother’s Love
Memories of an Undying Love
Karma is a Devil
Mountain of the Cannibal God
What Happened to Linda?
Deep in the Woods
Lock the Door
Savage Dreams
Schizophrenic Rage
Lover in the Wall
Why Did I Kill?
The Venom Addiction (Desecrated Remix)
A Mother’s Love (Desecrated Remix)
Schizophrenic Rage (Probangers Remix)

Music To Die For - MP3 320 KBS

Music To Die For is the first Instrumental Album from The J.Hexx Project!

Inspired by Hip Hop music and old school Grindhouse Cinema, specifically Horror Films, The J.Hexx Project's first instrumental album reflects these themes into a instrumental hip hop format, with dark undertones and a creepy audio visual presentation that will capture your attention from start to finish!

  1. Intro
  2. Guillotine of Death
  3. The Watchman of the Cemetary (skit)
  4. Chamber of Life
  5. Prayer For the Dying (skit)
  6. Kill Slut
  7. Nothing Can Seperate Us (skit)
  8. Lover's Promise
  9. Dying Living (skit)
  10. Demoni Master
  11. Death Skit
  12. Monster Inferno
  13. Death Whore (skit)
  14. Death Trance
  15. I'm The Mayor (skit)
  16. Nightmare City
  17. Death Skit part 2
  18. Down South Body
  19. The Boat Can Leave Now (skit)
  20. Tears of Blood
  21. The Dead Zone (Bonus Track)
  22. Goner (Bonus Track)
  23. Psychosis of a Sociopath (Bonus Track )

Twitch of the Deadz Nervez Lp - MP3 320 KBS

This is the first full length recorded album that was packaged with The Seven Doorz to Death Ep hardcopy CD, now availaible as a stand alone MP3 album! Features artwork by Gus Cervantes!

  1. Intro
  2. Twitch
  3. Tecato- Featuring M3
  4. Katz Eyez
  5. Nobody Likes Me
  6. Meet Your Maker
  7. Understand Me- Featuring Grayson
  8. The New York Ripper Strikes! (Skit)
  9. What The Fuck?
  10. Crazy- Featuring M3
  11. Sadistic- Featuring Sticky Twiz, Laze and Gage
  12. Dear Son
  13. The Get Em' Skit
  14. Mistakes
  15. Things Change Featuring M3
  16. The New York Ripper Strikes Again! (Outro Skit)

The Seven Doorz To Death Ep - MP3 320 KBS

This is the debut Ep from The J.Hexx Project! Recorded and finished in 2004, this was not released until April 24th 2008 and is the first ever Sev'rd Nervez Music release! Includes the hit songs Schizo Killjoy and Katz Eyez and also includes 2 never before released tracks availiable anywhere else! Also features the wonderful artwork of Gus Cervantes!

  1. The Rope of Life
  2. I'll See You - Featuring M3
  3. Cannibalism
  4. Hang Em' High
  5. Are You Happy?
  6. I Hate You
  7. Schizo Killjoy

Sev'rd Cuts Complete - MP3 320 KBS


A album of rare demos is what makes Sev'rd Cuts Complete, via Bandcamp. This is a album that includes demos and songs never released in retail form.

25 To Life- Digital Maxi Single - MP3 320 KBS

Digital Maxi Single featuring three songs from the album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds! Featuring Graphic Design by Shayne Kraft Graphics!

  1. 25 To Life
  2. Pathogen-Featuring Big Rela and Squire Zama
  3. Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds

You're Expired- Digital Maxi Single - MP3 320 KBS

An Exclusive Digital Maxi single from Sev'rd Nervez Music! Featuring Graphic Design by Shayne Kraft Graphics!

  1. You're Expired (Shadow of Death)
  2. The Venom Addiction
  3. Lizards in Human Skin- Featuring Trips and Mr. Kiltcha
  4. You're Expired (Instrumental)