The Seven Doorz To Death part 2: The EP Version, is a free download exclusive only at! This represents 7 songs of death, misery, the advent of change in the world, and mental and physical slavery with horror! Technology and the destruction of the human life at hand, The J.Hexx Project whimsically mixes hip hop, horror film visuals with taboo violent stories of death and the new world order! This is a free EP version of the full length album, The Seven Doorz To Death part 2: The Director's Cut which will be further expanded beyond this EP Version. Enjoy horror hounds and gals!




Here are the two new music videos form Lord Berg Katze, Wave Motion Gun and Andromeda love, in HD!








Here is the text of the awesome review of The Devilman LP as written by Chad Carsten himself! Thanks to Faygoluvers Heaven and Scottie D for the mention of the album! Four out of five star review!



The. J Hexx Project has been doing nothing but releasing solid albums since 2008’s The Seven Doorz To Death/ Twitch of the Deadz Nervez LP . Fans of the Horrocore Hip-Hop genre caught on to J. Hexx’s own style of Giallo Hip-Hop with the Underground 2010 hit “Mountain Of The Cannibal God”. Ever since the release of Mountain Of the Cannibal God, J. Hexx’s fan base keeps rapidly growing, and his label Sev’rd Nervez Music has become an underground force to reckon with.


Fast forward to the end of Summer and the start of the 2015 Fall season , The J. Hexx Project came out of nowhere with the release of “The Devilman LP”. It just dropped one day with no real promo and gave the underground a new ass whooping that the horrorcore scene desperately needed. The Devil Man LP is an actual representation of the psychosis of a serial killer, and his or her existence for the horrors they commit. It explains exactly what a person in that state of mind does and reacts and why they have an undying urge to kill. It is due to having no emotions and an upbringing that destroys their views on the value of life. Having the ability to take life, like a god , drives them to kill more and more. Why kill? Why have that drive? It’s simple, when you are devoid of emotion or value of life, killing makes them feel POWERFUL!


The album was inspired by the 2015 film “Headless”. It shows how and why they kill, what drives them to kill, and where and how it begins.  Most horrorcore artists say stab you up and kill kill kill, but no one explains why this happens and where it comes from. J. Hexx wanted to be one of the first to show the psychological side of the serial killer through the Devilman LP. So, he took a very psychological approach to the narrative, by being that person, as well as a very visceral and visual approach to the horrors one’s mind can produce into the action of killing. There are skits in between each song that prelude to what the next song will be about and connects to one big story.


Major Highlights
The opening intro of the albums kicks off nicely by paying homage to the glory days of Grindhouse films theater openings. It makes the listener want to grab a big bowl of popcorn and sit in the dark while wearing headphones…like a grindhouse film, but in audio form.


The first actual track on Devilman is “Rage (Skull Fucker)”. Yes, a morbid title, but when the beat kicks in, it’s all mellow, laid back, 1970’s style guitar that you can’t help but instantly groove to. First-time listeners definitely wouldn’t expect any type of horror elements on this track judging by the nature of the beat, but then it gets into the subject matter of why the serial killer wants kill his victim.  It creates a new style of horror music never heard before within the horrorcore hip-hop genre. Diving into the subject matter of rage, the killer apparently had a bad childhood and was constantly locked in a cage by his mother.  This created a deep rage against humanity in general, and brought out histhirst for blood. J. Hexx delivers an old school 90’s New York hip-hop style flow and he straight up kills it lyrically! He’s able to take the listener inside the darkness as if they were somehow sucked into a physical version of the song and were witnessing all the lyrics right in front of them. Overall, Rage (Skull Fucker) kicks the album off nicely and was the right choice as the first track.


“Burn Your Soul Up” is a chance for the J. Hexx Project to show that he is an emcee at heart and real Hip-Hop flows through his veins. He’s not afraid to venture into new territory by holding nothing back and even sings on the hook. It’s an “I’ll show you” attitude type of song and Mr. Hexx isn’t going to let anyone get in the way of his original flow.


Thoughts Of A Empty Heart” is a grindhouse hip-hop banger! It goes straight to the jugular vein and bleeds out lyrical genius. You can’t deny J. Hexx’s strengths as a storyteller here. It’s beyond creative. The chorus is a neck snapper and brings forth some minor death metal influence. Another strong point of the song is the scratching records and the classic metal riffs.  They give the track more life and it’s own distinctive sound. Definitely do not skip this track. Horror fans around the world are bound to keep this song close to their horror filled hearts.


The production on “As You Stare Into The Face OF Death” is weird, but unique and super tripped out with distorted sounds of bells. You can tell Italian Giallo films greatly influenced the sound behind the beat. Vocally, J. Hexx goes all out and holds nothing back as if he were Mike Myers going on a rampage in New York City. Guest rapper Majin is a major highlight, for he tears this beat apart! The other guest feature “Tha Morbid One”, holds his own lyrically too.


On every J. Hexx Project release, there is somehow always a perfect choice for a closer. “Eradicate Your Flesh” is that perfect closer and it’s probably the most brutal Mr. Hexx has ever been lyrically. It’s straight forward, violent, and takes J. Hexx into a new level of gore. It’s beat is based around classic piano and is a slower tempo, but that’s what makes the production mesh so well with the lyrical content. It is destined to leave fans bludgeoned beyond recognition musically and the hardcore fans of J. Hexx wouldn’t have it any other way.


The final verdict: The Devilman LP proves that there is still a lot of life left within the Horrorcore Hip-Hop genre and the Giallo style of the J. Hexx Project will continue to rise up and keep making a name for himself by keeping true horror alive.



Pictures from The Half Glass Empty Tour!


Here are some pictures from the Half Glass Empty tour I participated in!

We are in TAMPA!!!

Jimmy Knox of Scumbag Worldwide posing for the camera!

The J.Hexx Project and Jimmy Knox of Scumbag Worldwide posing for the camera!


The J.Hexx Project and No Emotion Goldmask doing a picture for the camera!

Freek Misfit doing his show set!

The J.Hexx Project looking nice for a selfie!

Yet another The J.Hexx Project selfie!


The Preorders for The Possession of Annabelle Lee is now available!


March 27 2015

It is official! The album launches this day and pretty soon I will have a preorder package I will announce soon! There is a few cool things:

The cd art itself will be one of two random "mock" vinyl prints, and it will be shipped at random so whichever one you get, awesome! Second there will be posters, we are trying to figure out if we do one type of poster (USA Version with alt title "The Dominion") and if we should include choices of Italian and even Japanese ...styled posters. Same art just different text specific to each region. Let's see what happens on the poster front...

The album runs at 42 minutes approximately.10 songs. No samples, live instrumentation. Desecrated did all the music production, while I handled vocal duties. I am very proud to say it is my best album, ever up to this point and it has been a long and terrifying journey into the world of demon possession!

The Limited Edition Preorders will come with one poster and also a 12 page book, The Possession of Annabelle Lee: The Official Companion Guide, which will provide insider information about the conception and creation of The Possession of Annabelle Lee album from the artist and producer, as well as some special guests. There is also an option for just the CD only, no bonus stuff!

So support your local artists, support the underground and best of all support your local artists and musicians in your respective areas! Take care and until next time...


Here are the links for the Cd Hardcopy and Digital Preorders. Keep in mind Digital preorders do not get the poster and magazine , it is only for the music download!




Get your free copy!!!


Wassup horror fans and horror gals! This is your favorite schizo with some news. The new album is done! It is almost set to arrive soon with a release date, so please stay tuned so that you can find out when this ground breaking new album will come out! Without further ado, let us get the free version out to you, so that you can get an idea of what to expect in the new album from The J.Hexx Project!


Available Now!



Tha Morbid One's album , Something Sinister- Release date!



Music To Die For Vol 2- Debuts today!




New album release from HEAVEN called Devil'z Love- Coming out on April 11th 2014!



Heaven's debut album, "Devil's Love", will be available for the first time uncut in CD format! This album will also be available in digital format as well in your favorite stores such as ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and more!

Featuring artists such as Intrinzik, Insane Poetry, Scum, McNastee, Draztik, Jason Porter, Mc Val, Basick, Komatose, Playboy The Beast, and Sodoma Gomora, this album has a little bit of everything for any taste of musical hip hop ear you have! Czech artist Heaven's debut is nothing short of a excellent release, limited to a 100 CD run, exclusively through Sev'rd Nervez Music! Preorders will start as of March 28th 2014, so get your preorder secured, once it is gone, it's gone!

So take care until then, and stay a Dark Mind That Thinks Alike!

Yours Truly;

The J.Hexx Project


New Music Video from Majin! "Light's Darkness"!



After some quiet months, new music is about to be released!

New song from Majin called "Light's Darkness", watch the music video now!


Be on the lookout for Majin's debut album release on Sev'rd Nervez Music, called Manga Music, coming 2014! Until then folks, stay horror and anime!

Yours Truly;

The J.Hexx Project


Mountain Of The Cannibal God T shirt, Coming Soon!


Wassup horror fans and female vixens! This is The J.Hexx Project with more filth to drop on you this month! As you know preorders are already being taken for Mountain Of The Cannibal God-2nd Edition, and people are taking advantage of the CD and poster deal for preordering. Now you can also get the Mountain Of The Cannibal God T shirt!

Created by Shayne Kraft Graphics, the T shirt is beautiful with the artwork on a Black T shirt. Real soon I will have it at the store and I wil be announcing the price of this high quality piece of "I can wear it" art! With Sev'rd Nervez Music, you get high quality products and I am very excited to carry this t shirt!

So I look forward to getting a lot done this year, as I am working on The Possession Of Annabelle Lee album, so horror fans and fanettes, stay horror!


Where Dark Minds Think Alike;

The J.Hexx Project




Hi my fellow horror hounds and ghoulish girls! The J.Hexx Project has news for you! The preorders for the Mountain of the Cannibal God- 2nd Edition are now posted in the CD section of the Store! The 1st 100 Preorders will get a free 12"x 18" full color gloss movie poster! You can find the link to purchase the cd here!

The release date is September 13th 2013! It will be available via Digital delivery @ CDBaby, ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and other sites as of the release date! Thank you all for your continued support in purchasing Sev'rd Nervez Music products, I truly thank you all! Stay tuned for the limited edition Mountain of the Cannibal God t shirt, coming soon!


The Definitive version of Mountain of the Cannibal God will be released..



What's up my crazy ass horror loving fans? I hope you all loved the album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds! I finally have important news to share with you all! As you may remember, Mountain of the Cannibal God was originally released December 1st 2010 to be that year's underground horrorcore album of the year, to much acclaim. The original release was flawed in some ways, and as such without getting into a long story, the original release had issues not anyone outside was aware of.

For example the original master of the album for the pressing of the 1st edition was compromised: when I say compromised, the original master I approved had no 2 second stop gaps between the songs, so that when you loaded your cd in, the album would play like a movie non stop until the end. When the master was sent digitally to the label to press, it was sent to the cd plant as a master with 2 second stop gaps added.

Because I felt that the original version was compromised, I was compelled to release the definitive version of the album, with no interuptions or stop gaps, as intended from the original master I originally sequenced together from the mastered sessions. Without further ado, here is the movie poster that will come with all pre orders of Mountain of the Cannibal God- 2nd edition print hardcopy CD's! I will only run 100 of these babies in a lovely 12" x 18" full color glossy format!

Eat your heart out as the art is done by the original artist who hand drawn and crafted the original album's art, Pez of Cicada. Completely redone by Graphic Designer Shayne Kraft at Shayne Kraft Graphics, will only be available to those who preorder the album! Also each album will contain a reverseable cover, a tradition I started with The Seven Doorz to Death/Twitch of the Deadz Nervez, including a new cover in the inside! The date for the preorder will start as of July 31st 2013, and will end on September 1st 2013. The release date will be on September 13th 2013, so if you never got a chance to own this album, or if you are a collector of rare underground horrorcore this is your chance to get the only Giallo story based horror hip hop album!

Until then folks, stay scared, stay dark, stay scary. Cause we are Dark Minds That Think Alike!

Yours Truly;

The J.Hexx Project


P.S. I forgot to mention, a new Mountain of the Cannibal God Limited Edition T shirt will be revealed soon, designed by Shayne Kraft! And anyone who owns the 1st edition print of MOTCG, it is now a collector's item as it is now OUT OF PRINT. Take care everyone!


Added a item to Free Stuff...



Hey my fellow horror hounds! I just added Sev'rd Cuts Complete to the Free Stuff section of this website! You can download it here:


Enjoy and until next time, stay Horror!


Yours Truly;



Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds album review by Cinema Terror!


Cinema Terror was very cool in giving the new album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds a album review and I am glad they liked it! I thank Tornstein Karlsen for doing the review, and you guys should check out Cinema Terror, a website dedicated to classic and new horror films!

Here is the link to the review:

Please read and enjoy!


Good News and Bad News....


Hey folks I have some good news and bad news. Let us start with the bad news first. I just got thru with dealing with the printers for the poster for the preorders of Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds. They just shipped it out today so I will not receive it until the day of the album's release on April 24th 2013. The posters look beautiful and I want to make sure that each order is not missing a thing, so it goes all in one shot to each customer. So I would like to apologize for the inconvenience, the orders will be shipping out minimally late for all domestic USA and International orders.

Now here is the good news! Only for those who preordered the album , I will on April 24th 2013 be sending each of you a special link to download the new album, as well as all your preorder digital stuff, while you all wait for the orders to arrive. So my condolences for the slight inconvenience, but we at Sev'rd Nervez Music want to ensure all our customers, that we will take care of this matter and make sure you still get to hear the album in full on the day of release! If anyone has any issues please fell free to contact me here in my message inbox, and I want to thank you all who supported the album preorders, The J.Hexx Project truly loves you all!

Yours Truly;
The J.Hexx Project and the psychos at Sev'rd Nervez Music-Where Dark Minds Think Alike!



Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds- Album Review by Chad Thomas Carsten of The FN' Spot!



The Giallo addict “The J. Hexx Project”is back! “Broken Mirrors Shattered Minds” will bring Hip-Hop fans back to the glory days of Non Phixion and Gravediggaz. Each beat was produced by J. Hexx himself. It’s more focused on bars/rugged raw wordplay like ”Seven Doors Of Death”, than the story telling of “Mountain Of The Cannibal God”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not destined to become a cult classic within the underground. You motherfuckers ain’t ready for this, for the lyrics of Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds, will swiftly pierce through your abdomen via one lunatic, one ice pic.

The flow of “Opera Of Fear” will reanimate a corpse to get up and walk, while the beat to the title track “Broken Mirrors Shattered Mind”, is soothing yet disturbing in a good way.

“Welcome to my horror show, where cadavers get hung up like scarecrows”, croaks J. Hexx on “25 To Life”. A gore soaked track that will leave Horror heads/Hip-Hop fans gasping for more. The beat is where it’s at! I can guarantee hours after the track is finished, listeners will still be bobbing their heads.

Crazed Maniacs (Featuring Crossworm and Kanniblistik) is what horrorcore should be, down right spine-chilling, yet genius. Each artist massacres the beat. if only J. Hexx, Crossworm and Kannibilistik could make a full length LP together, or at least an limited edition five track EP.

The albums ends on a perfect note with “Better Days” it’s laced with a past interview of The J. Hexx Project via Horror Music Radio. It shows his true self and proves yet again J. Hexx has become a master of production.

Other Highlights include “Viking Funeral” “Human Jigsaw Puzzle”, & “Pathogen” (Featuring Big Rela and Squire Zama).
Overall I feel this to be a pretty solid release. If Chucky himself was a fan of Hip-Hop, “Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds” would be his first pick.


Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds -Album Review by Send More Paramedics!



Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds- Album Art cover reveal!





The J.Hexx Project -Internet Radio interview at TKS RADIO! OCT 20TH 2012 @ 10:30 PM EST


Here is the flyer for the interview that will be conducted live on TKS RADIO! It is for OCT20TH 2012 @ 10:30PM EST! Hope to see you there!



Why rush? I sure ain't perfect but i can be close to it (in my opinion)!


Wassup schizos, it is J.Hexx here, wanting to give you the scoop on what is going on with the new album Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds! I really want to put out a great album, and i feel the quality has to be good to ensure the wait is going to be worth it. I feel that there may be a slight possibility of the album release not meeting my original date of Sep 31st 2012. Why? Because i want to make sure the album is as good as it is going to get, and me rushing it out the door, is a big no no for me.

So rest assured the new album is coming out very soon, but soon enough as it is ready to go and i am confident it gets the best quality i can provide in it, and give it back to the fans. So thank you for your support, and well wishes for the upcoming album's release. I hope to give you the best albums i can deliver, all for your enjoyment. Take care and until then, May Dark Minds Think Alike!


New Merchandise! Added Store Content!


Wassup schizos, this is J.Hexx with another update for you sick fucks! I just added a MERCHANDISE tab under the STORE link on this site! Lots of new t shirts were added as a result and you can now go get yourself a t shirt, courtesy of Sev'rd Nervez Music and SpreadShirt! We have such classic one liners i have mentioned like the shirt below:



So now go and get them now! Also don't forget i still have the CDBABY digital album sale for 5.00 each album, details in the blog post after this one! I hope you all stay scared, and until then, Dark Minds Think Alike!

Link to Merchandise:




Wassup horror fans! This is J.Hexx with a small but important update! For anyone who has not gotten the chance to get any of my albums, this is a opportunity for you to get one or all 3 of the albums i have on sale at CDBABY for $5.00 each per album download! You save $3.99 per album download! This offer wil last from today until August 3rd, 2012 so if this is the moment you waited for to be able to have a offical album download of any of the following three albums:

The Seven Doorz to Death ep/Twitch of the Deadz Nervez LP

Get it here:


Mountain of the Cannibal God

Get it here:


Music to Die For

Get it here:

Remember, this will only last from today until August 3rd 2012, so grab it while you can if you been waiting to get any of these digital albums at a low price of 5.00 each! If so, under each album there is a link to get your copy today! You can also access the CDBABY Music Store under the Store link on this site!

I thank everyone for taking the time to read this, and may Dark Minds Think Alike!


Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds- promo video



New music coming very shortly and other things...


Wassup horror fans, this is J.Hexx giving you all a update. Very soon i will be unveiling the artwork and tracklisting for my latest album, Broken Mirrors, Shatterd Minds, which i have been working on for the past few months! I plan on getting it out this July 2012, just cross your fingers on this info! I am still working to ensure that i can also deliver Horror is Reality and The Possession of Annabelle Lee albums, as fast as possible as i can without sacrificing the quality on each album.

I strive to succeed in making the best music as possible, while still maintaining that "free and independent of the majors" sound of underground hip hop that i can make, using the tools i have at my disposal. And let us not forget, that "horror" feel that i incorporate in my music, as well as the dark and visual lyrics i create to them!

Thank you for your ongoing support and for all the visits i get to this site, and to those who buy my music and support my creations. Without you all who support me, it would be much harder waking up every day and be motivated and inspired to make more music. Thanks for stopping by and reading this, i appreciate you all, and til next time, may Dark Minds Think Alike!



Audio of Crossworm on Motcg, J.Hexx and Horrorcore!


Wassup folks, this is the schizo again, i am here to give you guys some insight into Crossworm's perspective on the Horrorcore scene, the making of Mountain of the Cannibal God, on my collab with him on the song Play That Shit, and other interesting shit! This was originally going to be in the uncut version of MOTCG :Behind the Scenes Dvd! There are some interesting tidbits on Crossworm's thoughts on Motcg!

The audio runs 12 minutes and 37 seconds long, you can click on the link below for Quicktime audio, or right click and save it:




It is time to pop the chanpagne...


Now this site will be easier to find. Today marks the official day that you can find my site much easier. The domain name has been changed to!Tell your friends, pals, associates, ex girlfriends, tell them all, it's now official!


I changed my domain name to....


To make it much easier to use and find, i decided to change my site domain name from to to make it easier for you guys to find my site and to increase my google hits (which is in over a million hits)! Thanks to Dmos from for the suggestion!


The Devil's Pain is out now!


A new digital single, The Devil's Pain, which is a prequel song to the Desecrated Produced album The Possession of Annabelle Lee, is availiable now for digital download at, and here on this site, in the CdBaby Music Store, Only for 0.99 per download!
here are the sites it is up on now, and there will be added stores such as amazon, itunes, etc i will add later to this post:
Sev'rd Nervez Music CdBaby digital store-

Produced by Desecrated for Desecrated Productions
Written and performed by The J.Hexx Project
Based on the short story, The Possession of Annabelle Lee/ Written and created by The J.Hexx Project
Art by Shayne Kraft for Shayne Kraft Graphics
Copyright: Sev'rd Nervez Music 2011

Until next time take care folks, and stay being a dark mind that thinks alike!



Music to Die For goes to print!


I should be recieving the hardcopy cd's for Music To Die For , and i am excited to see what they will look like! It will be up in the store very shortly! The master of the audio and all art was sent to the manufacturer as of today! Stay tuned folks!


Music To Die For-Hardcopy cd's will be availiable very soon!


Finally months after the original's Mp3 album release, this album is finally going to be released as a hardcopy Cd! The album art was done as of two days ago, and i can't wait until i get my hands on the batch that i should be recieving within the week. The artwork on this album is nothing short of phenominal, and has the quality that you expect from a Sev'rd Nervez Music release. The album, Music To Die For is the first ever produced album from The J.Hexx Project and has some of the most banging instrumentals you will bob your head to. From the head banger "Guillotine of Death", to the album's final beat "Tears of Blood", this cd will keep you wanting to spit freestyles or just enjoy the sounds of Music To Die For while playing it loud!

As a bonus for those who patiently waited, 3 new never released beats were added to the original 20 track album, now making it 23 full tracks with a full run time of approximately 64 minutes long of music! So consider this the ultimate edition of the album, which is not availiable in the digital release currently being sold, and the Cd will be limited to only 300 units! So once it is all sold, no more will be made!

Expect to see it in the CDBaby Store within the next 3 weeks at the low price of $10.99 per hardcopy CD unit!


Hello fellow horror hounds!


Welcome to the new and improved Sev'rd Nervez Music! I hope you all like the new look and feel of the site, as it took a few days to get it down right! As you can see there has been many new changes made to the site. You can order cd's and mp3 albums and singles from the Store link above, as well as through CDBaby on the left hand side bar. There are pictures to look at, and other neat features on this site, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it!

I always look forward to entertaining you the best i can, with the best music and videos i can possibly offer, so please stay tuned, and become a dark mind that thinks alike!


Welcome to Sev'rd Nervez Music! New Look!


Welcome to the new look of Sev'rd Nervez Music! Things are still being updated as we speak, so enjoy the site!